Too Soon for Dinosaurs, 2016: Performance and soundscape which is a space-time mash-up and an absurd attempt to inventory all past and present animal species and to speculate on all possible future species. It incorporates unlikely pairings of beings – some of them hybrids – selected through chance from disparate eras and geographies (including exo-planetary locales!). There are also allusions to the reach (over- reach?) of science and, as always, musings on the animal/human/ post-human condition.

The soundscape was a collaboration with artist/musician/composer Len Vogler, who, unfortunately, died before completion of the project.  Driscoll McMahon went forward and overlayed sounds generated from life together with those obtained from the creative commons, including the sounds of whales, dolphins, "dinosaurs," dogs, wolves, birds, a cis-couple copulating, crowds cheering,  people screaming, a speaker of a made-up language,  the artist's own mother's voice,  and Len Vogler singing,  "Why must we keep on dancing as we go off to war."