Still Life with Calving Iceberg,

graphite on paper, audio of calving iceberg overlaid with voice,  2008-2014

Begun in 2008, Still Life with Calving Iceberg is an evolving - and growing - installation (with audio) that explores the adolescent condition through a metaphor that speaks to environmental devastation.

As with the Burdocks Project, "Still LIfe with Calving Iceberg" depicts people from my rural community - in this case, adolescents. I force a third dimension onto what is otherwise a 2-D plane to create "sculpture drawings." Thus, the young people slide, droop, slump or deconstruct in three dimensions. As with burdocks, my central metaphor here is also taken from the natural world - an iceberg that is falling apart, or "calving" - evoking not only catastrophic environmental destruction, but through a metaphor within a metaphor, a baby animal domesticated almost exclusively in rural areas. 

The youths hang very near to each other, occasionally overlapping,  yet each child occupies his or her own existential niche. All share in the quotidian pathos of being human,  bound as they are by bodies in random and precarious manifestations, subject to the vagaries of natural and social forces - time - and, for adolescents, an all but unbearable specificity.